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Xiamen Corporate Training-Communication, soft skills, Cross-Cultural communication and Speech training

Corporate training is generally divided into two types: internal and external. Ongoing internal training is essential and a popular method adopted by companies to conduct corporate training in China. We work with our clients on a regular basis to provide “Train The Trainer” workshops, refreshers and CPD’s to continually develop management and teams thereby ensuring complete cohesion.

This target of the recent corporate training carried out in Xiamen focused on the company HR department’s internal trainers. A key area of our Xiamen client’s on-boarding process centered around initially instructing employees on company culture as well as business-related key skills training such as soft skills and communication skills.

Xiamen Corporate Training Needs Analysis (TNA)

The main target attendees of this corporate training was to implement new ideas and change in a fun and team building atmosphere. Ultimahub had the task of constructing a train the trainer workshop to assist in constructing an overall training program for new starters and providing the internal training team with all of the tools they needed to ensure they delivered active and engaging soft skills, sales and communication skills modules to their new and existing staff members.

Our client’s internal trainees have many years of in-house training experience. The focus of training needs is to deeper and broader their training models and knowledge.

We also realized that the company’s business involves multinational business, so the internal trainers of the company must also have knowledge about cross-cultural related aspects.

Xiamen Corporate training plan

In accordance with our clients key requirements we put together a complete road map for our Xiamen client. This corporate training plan focused on immediately implementable soft skills knowledge, cross-cultural communication training and tools to strengthen internal trainers presentation skills to assist them better express and train enterprise staff. During the first and second days of training, we focused on soft skills-related training topics.

These included a wide range of content in order to deeper our attendees knowledge and skills. In addition we taught emotional intelligence training and introduced Neuro-Linguistic Programming NLP Training.
Throughout the course we introduced many group activities such as our EQ Simulation Game, role plays, and various challenges to solidify learning.

The third day of the business training course in Xiamen focused on cross-cultural communication training. We use various media including static and video materials to help attendees better understand different countries’ culture norms, beliefs, values and communication traits such as levels of directness.

On the fourth day, we asked our students to conduct practical exercises in groups. They then combined key areas of what they had learned from the first three days into a short training course presentation. Throughout the exercise we reflected, shared insight and feedback as well as sharing skills of speech, communication, presenting and effective leadership and management.

Xiamen corporate training results

We were overjoyed to have this great opportunity to work with our revered Xiamen client. The Training Team and HR that we were working with throughout were a lively and motivated crowd. The workshop was a complete success and we received much appreciated glowing feedback from our valued client. We look forward to returning to Xiamen for a follow up training course in the coming months.

Feedback received also included many of the trainers commenting that they believed it essential for external training of internal trainers to add ongoing innovation. External training knowledge and input injects new flows of ideas and solutions and allow employees to continuously develop and improve.

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