telephone sales skills training china
telephone sales skills training china
telephone sales skills training china

Telephone Sales Skills Training

High Performance Telephone Selling – Strategies Driving Results & Sales
  • Enhancing sales call dynamics to increase productivity
  • Effective questioning to gain valuable relevant insight
  • Connecting customer needs influentially with ideal solutions
  • Overcoming objections and client buying resistance
  • Timely stage progression and deal closing

Ultimahub’s High Performance Telephone Selling solutions accelerate pipeline growth results

This intensive program combines workshop style selling methodologies with proven powerful facilitation and training to levitate even the very best sales teams. We work on three fundamental principles:

  • Successful salespeople always combine process, deal strategy, and impressive dialogue skills.
  • Adoption of sales process and strategy comes from having the correct tools integrated in working processes.
  • Anchors and indicators lead sales by providing snippet visions of verifiable outcomes at each stage to encourage customer buying behavior.

Our High Performance Telephone Selling courses covers the more resilient and competitive selling negotiations whereby customers are quite rightly demanding more value, it is a buyers market after all. Sales happen when speed and control of the process shifts back to the seller. This training program consists of five key elements, each extremely effective as a stand alone module, however when put into the complete course grouping it together provides a holistic performance improvement solution:

  • Identification of perceivable outcomes
  • Diagnostic Selling
  • Interactive focused customization
  • Technology and CRM effectiveness in the sale
  • Coaching, Deal Strategies and Essential Customer Dialogues

This training solution is a powerful combination of structured sales and continued focus to accelerate behavior change leading to more consistent and higher buying rates from your customer pipelines. It provides better awareness especially for B2B sellers to identify further opportunities in their existing customer pipelines. For new prospects it provides the tactics and strategy to pursue and win those sought after competitive deals.

  • Drastically improve sales call quality by introducing structured consistency and confidence to each call. Discover the ideal ways to prepare, structure and execute each pitch
  • To build upon the critical attributes in your company that every sales rep has in common, communication. Add to this the consultative process and structure to deliver better interaction with clients and achieve the satisfaction of the “perfect” sales call
  • Develop rapport building skills to encourage clients to openly and honestly share challenges that they face in order that you can provide them with a well informed solution
  • Confidently ask for repeat and referral business
  • This course content is ideal for new or experienced salespeople wanting to push themselves further.
  • Customized options also available for Sales Managers, HR and Company Executives who wish to develop their sales teams.
  • This course can be delivered both online and offline through remote online learning.
  • The course consists of customizable tailor made customizable workshops as well as regular ongoing coaching to solidify learning.
  • We also offer “Train-the-Trainer Workshops for company training staff and HR.

Each course consists of:

  • Presentation
  • Workbook Training
  • Engaging Activities
  • Support Material
  • Action Planning
  • Continual Development Plans

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