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Team Building Training


Team investment is paramount. Enhancing your team’s cohesion enables them to become happier, motivated, effective and ever increasingly loyal. This is why we have put together carefully constructed Team Building Training Workshops in Shanghai and throughout China to bring your teams together. Whether they sit next to each other in the office or work remotely on a daily basis, we will help them to realise one another, become great working colleagues and perhaps even lifelong friends. Taking into account the individual needs of staff works wonders for their well being and structured changes will benefit your company with amazingly improved results.

As integral parts of an effective team, all members understand and contribute in their designated roles to accomplish outcomes which go above and beyond those which any individual could accomplish alone.

Many companies place limited value on their teams happiness and company wide interactions. This can have detrimental consequences in many aspects. When teams are a united motivated and developed force, the results display themselves tenfold!

Ultimahub team building courses are completely customizable with a focus to get even the busiest, independently working and even sometimes complacent team members back on track. We illustrate to them the importance of combined effort and team spirit in order to succeed.

Ultimahub’s Team Building courses can be generic, customized and delivered in multiple languages. All courses are fully flexible to accommodate teams of all sizes and industries. We also deliver in multiple locations.

Ultimahub has our head office based in Shanghai however our Team Building Training Courses are delivered in all cities throughout China bringing team members together. We also help to co-ordinate multinational teams across the world to provide cohesion where there may not normally be the opportunity for interdependent teams to interact face-to-face on a regular basis.

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We provide in office team building events as well as taking teams further afield to exotic locations to experience an “out of office” experience which changes their lives and outlook. These indoor and outdoor activities give them the opportunity to get to know each other and develop strong team relationships.

Our carefully planned team building workshops are an ideal solution for those staff who have never had the opportunity to mingle and work together with their colleagues outside the office hierarchical environment.

The nurturing of teams and team managers is an often overlooked part of the company continual development process. Luckily it’s never too late to integrate team building training and we will do our utmost to deliver the ideal training to your staff thereby improving business output and effectiveness.

About The Course

Our Team Building Training Courses focus on teaching your staff and managers strategies and techniques to develop great teams and create successful team dynamics. Your employees will learn and practice the skills that boost communication and trust, bringing together team members and goals enabling them to effectively plan, collaborate, organize, and work in unison. This course is ideal for managers and team leaders as well as the team members themselves. The immediately implementable tools, techniques and skills illustrated in our courses enable teams to achieve maximum team productivity.

  • Understand why teams and teamwork is so important
  • Learn to organise effectively for team success
  • Develop useful skills for leading and motivating your team
  • Construct strategies for overcoming with team challenges
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  • Common team issues
  • Team development
  • Developing empathy
  • Leadership strategies
  • Effective communication
  • System 1 & System 2 Thinking
  • Multicultural and virtual teams
  • Evaluation and decision making techniques
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Why choose Ultimahub for your Team Building Training?

Our Shanghai Training courses and trainers are becoming the most reliable and respected in the China training industry network. Our renowned continually developing training courses and course structures provide a wealth of experience delivered through efficient facilitation to your staff thereby putting them at the forefront of knowledge and understanding. As a result of our training, your staff will benefit from learning cutting edge solutions that build across a wide range of essential skills.

Ultimahub deliver soft skills training programs to over 60 Industries worldwide. Based in Shanghai China we have been delivering soft skills training courses to companies throughout Shanghai, Beijing and all tier 1 and tier 2 cities in China as well as the UK, Hong Kong, Singapore, Vietnam, Thailand and Ireland.

Our courses can be delivered in multiple cities and in multiple languages including: English, Chinese, French, German and Spanish.

Trained and aware managers create productive employee teams which drive efficiency and profits. Ultimahub draw upon decades of experience delivering successful soft skills training courses, we utilize interactive learning in all of our soft skills training programs to quicken the pace of learning.

We customize training and work with your organization to offer both an amazing soft skills training seminar as well as the required continual post training support and coaching.

The corporate environment and workplace has one universal constant, “change”. Accepting and effectively managing change in projects and tasks is an integral part of day-to-day working life. A managers ability to supervise and coach their employees when encountering these conditions will significantly affect overall team and department performance as well as staff turnover and employee job satisfaction.

Our soft skills training courses and workshops are trusted and consistently rated by client organizations as insightful, powerful, responsive & effective. We aim to ensure all of our customers receive the best training experience and warmly welcome referrals.

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