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Cross Culture Communication

Developing deep trade relations within China and Asia has led to a significant increase in the need for Cross-Cultural Communication Training and awareness to facilitate business growth.

Ultimahub’s Cross Cultural Communication Skills Training continues to serve multinational corporations and teams both in China and across the world.

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Communication Skills

Communication Skills-Managers & Teams Gain the critical skill sets to enable professional communication and improve influence within your organization. Ultimahub’s communication skills training programs are designed for professionals working in complex and international environments and cover all aspects of communications training fundamentals. Our workshops and […]

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Presentation Skills Training

Presentation Skills Training Welcome to our innovative Presentation Skills Training Workshops, designed to enhance the effectiveness of attendees by empowering them to become skilled, articulate, and enthusiastic presenters. Our eclectic mix of trainers and tailored courses ensures that participants receive the highest quality training, whether […]

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Business English Teaching

Business English Teaching Classes Offline & Online Teaching – Shanghai, China Star Rating: 5 out of 5 stars (based on 874 reviews)  5/5 Ultimahub provide customized English teaching classes both online and offline.Our English courses provide job role and industry specific English teaching to […]

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Financial English Courses

Financial English Courses Ultimahub’s customised “Financial English” courses are specifically designed to provide you with key skills, terminology, jargon, and tools to operate effectively in increasingly connected and competitive financial environments. Our Financial English courses are developed and facilitated by trainers who are both financial […]

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Hospitality English

Hospitality English Courses Improving Linguistic Hospitality Skills, Mannerisms, Greetings & Rapport Hospitality English is the ideal solution for those hotel or restaurant employees responsible for ensuring comfort and professionalism when interacting with customers.Using the highest levels of English our course will train your staff to […]

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Sales English Course

Sales English Courses | Boost Corporate Selling Skills Globally Improving Corporate Selling Skills & Best Practices Across The Globe Every company needs a strong sales team to succeed, especially in our increasingly competitive marketplace. If you have concerns that your company is not achieving the […]

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Email & Business Writing

Developing Staff “Business English Email & Report Writing Skills”
Our business email and English report writing courses provide essential tools and techniques that every employee should be aware of to ensure maximum efficiency and performance when communicating with clients, partners and teams.