sales communication skills shenzhen
sales communication skills shenzhen
communication skills shenzhen

Skills Boosting Corporate Training Workshop in Shenzhen

This intensive sales, team building & communication skills training course was organized to aid unification between the corporate staff and multinational departments. The course went exceedingly well and was well received by all attendees. We are also delighted to announce that our client is also arranging for us to provide team building and sales training to their other offices throughout Shenzhen.

The training was to be carried out at the Shenzhen location with the overseas offices connecting remotely.

Our client was seeking innovative ideas and techniques to develop their customer service and selling abilities including presentation delivery, building rapport, dealing with difficult situations and other essential soft skills.

The Shenzhen Training workshops were spread over a 6 day period.

  • Team Building Skills: 2 days
  • Communication Skills: 2 days
  • Sales Skills Training: 2 days

This was to be the second time we provided training for this client. Each module was a more advanced version of the initial training provided 8 months ago.

We covered a huge range of informative of topics over the duration. Our initial Training Needs Analysis revealed that this Shenzhen office and it’s multinational departments wished to develop key selling strategies and systems.

Prospecting: Client required consultation and training delivery to improve and develop efficient sales funnel systems to gain higher take up rates.

Lead Qualification: Qualifying and most important knowing when and how to effectively disqualify clients until they are in a position to move forward. These skills also come under the bracket of Time Management and are useful skills to enhance portfolio management.

Engage: This is the stage where you must listen, understand, position your product based on the potential customer’s need, and then overcome any objections. Ultimately, it comes down to “what is the potential customer trying to achieve, improve, or avoid? And how are you going to connect your product/service to it?”

Action: Maximize the “yeses” and minimizing the “nos.” That said, no is not the worst-case scenario – indecision and lack of action can waste time and resources that you could focus instead on a prospect more likely to result in success.

Support: Service, Over-Deliver, and Grow. Great salespeople service their clients well, over-deliver on what they sold, and grow their relationships. It is much easier to re-sell and grow existing clients than it is to sell new ones. Go above and beyond and become a trusted advisor, and you will rarely lose a client.

Evaluate: The best salespeople are constantly evaluating their own performance. How did I do? What can I learn? And, the best sales organizations figure out how to organize that information and leverage it across their sales team.

sales communication skills shenzhen
shenzhen corporate skills trainers

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