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Sales Training with NLP

Improve Sales Processes using Neuro Linguistic Programming
  • NLP Enhancing Sales Tools and Techniques
  • Effective psychology to gain increased sales
  • Innovative strategies to generate ongoing business
  • Overcoming objections and client buying resistance
  • Timely stage progression and deal closing

Neuro Linguistic Programming integrated into your sales process!

Our Sales Training with NLP Course is suitable to all looking to become excellent at selling. This training course is especially targeted for company sales teams.

Whatever your industry, our process and techniques are specifically designed and delivered to provide essential and versatile skills that you will then be able to apply immediately with your new and existing customer pipelines.

Whether you are an experienced sales person, or moving into a fresh sales role, this course will provide you with essential tools, tips and knowhow to enable your client base and also overall customer service to grow.

We will teach you powerful sales techniques including some of the most powerful NLP strategies to enable you to boost your sales, develop new business and retain current customers.

Our course covers each step from the very initial preparation and ideas behind making contact with new clients, through to introductions, fact finding, problem solving and of course closing the sale with the ideal solution for your customer.

During the 2 day training course we will provide you with plenty of opportunities to engage in both theoretical sales knowledge as well as practical discussion including role plays. Each segment of our sales training program will strategically enhance your skills and abilities to become an ever increasingly successful salesperson.

  • Practical NLP principles and techniques to use in your daily life and relationships or business clients and teams.
  • How to develop awareness and navigate people’s limiting beliefs to guide and nurture them to live more empowered and harmonious lives.
  • Activate and engage your primary senses, develop intuition and enhance awareness levels and effectiveness.
  • Eliminate unwanted habits and emotions, instill innovative and efficient thinking and behaviours.
  • Understand subconscious motivations and reasoning behind actions and behaviors.
  • Change your state in an instant, so you can be at your best on demand
  • Use precision language to cut through the fluff that leads to uncertainty, misunderstanding and flawed thinking
  • Shift perspectives and points of view so you can become a more charismatic and persuasive communicator and insightful thinker
  • Transform the past, the present and the future, so you can let go of past guilt, future anxieties and take charge of getting the life you want
  • Essential training if your job involves advising and helping people. Even if your goal is not becoming an NLP Practitioner.
  • Discover yourself how our minds process everyday experiences and filters them into memories, fears, anxieties, passion and actions.
  • Gain influence in your communication and interactions.
  • Utilize powerful language patterns and models from leading psychologists.
  • Our certification course can be carried out offline or online and has immediately implementable tools for you to use and start practicing NLP with others upon completion.
  • Transform your internal representations so that your most important goals become compelling, attractive and attainable, while the anxieties, stress and issues from the past or future can take their place and not get in your way
  • Feel more present, more engaged and more connected with yourself and those around you
  • Harness metaphors in language, thought and behavior for yourself and others
  • Sales Techniques that Work for You-Our experienced trainers cover multiple sales circumstances and sectors thereby providing you with essential tools and techniques to use in a wide variety of situations.
  • Establish a Structured Approach to Your Sale-A key element to increasing sales and sustaining great sales figures is achieved by establishing a strong sales process structure. The more organized the process, the more effective you will become in sales. We will show you how.
  • Building Confidence-Practice makes perfect. The hands on and practical modules of this course will give you a chance to test and grow the knowledge that we share with you in a variety of scenarios. With each roleplay you will grow to feel more self-confident as you put your new found skills into practice.
  • Learn From Others-One of the greatest benefits of our training workshop environment is the benefit of seeing how other members of your group do it also. We urge all participants to learn from eachothers accomplishments as well as their occasional errors as we all learn and grow as a course team. Discussion is encouraged as well as individual sales experiences and learnings from those experiences.
  • Understand Your Strengths & Weaknesses-Everyone is unique. This includes your individual communication and sales style. Over the duration of the course we will be working with you to identify and evaluate your strengths, areas requiring improvement and also to help you understand your individual communication charm.
  • Module 1: Understanding Your Job Role
    Required characteristics to be successful in sales
    Realising the importance of your sales
    Attitude and mindset
    Empowering beliefs and outlook
    Realising and overcoming performance barriers
    The 7 Steps to a successful sales
  • Module 2: Planning and Preparation
    Developing your sales strategy
    Prospecting and developing new business
    Arranging appointments
    Essential steps in appointment booking
  • Module 3: Initiating the Sale
    Displaying excellence
    Building credibility with your customers
    Building confidence and trust
  • Module 4: Pitching and Closing
    Creating the motion for the call and pitch
    Factfinding and establishing customer needs
    Preparation and setting the scene
    Effective communication and influencing
  • Module 5: Closing the sale
    Overcoming objections
    Presenting your solution
    Displaying understanding and excellence
  • Module 6: Maintaining Relationships
    After-sales service
    Exceeding expectations
  • This course can be delivered both online and offline through remote online learning.
  • The course consists of customizable tailor made customizable workshops as well as regular ongoing coaching to solidify learning.
  • We also offer “Train-the-Trainer Workshops for company training staff and HR.

Each course consists of:

  • Presentation
  • Workbook Training
  • Engaging Activities
  • Support Material
  • Action Planning
  • Continual Development Plans

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