business coaching training china
business coaching training china
business coaching training china

Sales Coaching – Key Staff & Managers

Transforming Key Sales Strategies

  • Developing a department wide coaching culture to continually drive performance
  • Inviting teams to develop their own potential and change their behavior based on consistent “everyday” disciplines.
  • Fueling and working with your teams competitive nature to increasing sales and meet company objectives.

Ultimahub’s sales coaching training is specifically targeted to deliver processes that managers can implement within their sales teams to reach a higher level of performance.

Our aim is to develop the traditional role of a sales manager from being a boss to becoming a team coach. Utilizing a four-part framework we assist sales managers in becoming aware of the need to provide more than a just the typical evaluative sporadic performance review a few times each year. Instead we show how to best offer developmental feedback on a frequent basis to which is directly linked to achieving company results. Making use of our years of experience we have created a puzzle of customized scenarios which enables sales managers to practice the most critical skill which are at the heart of every great sale, which they can then use to motivate their teams. One example is —“letting them talk first” — put simply, instead of “telling” staff what to do, encourage them to find the solution themselves through effective questioning. This quickly pushes salespeople to uncover obstacles and create their own excellent solutions.

The overall result usually displays itself as a smarter more skilled group, who work together well and bounce ideas backwards and forwards to each other. They will in time begin to self coach and more independently reach business goals, providing more time for their sales managers to dedicate to other critical priorities. Always remembering that these techniques will only work by continually obtaining and working on valued feedback given to establish the complete process as an integral part of everyday business.

  • Re-position your role as sales manager as that of your teams sales mentor. When they have a problem they will come to you, not just because you are their boss but also because they know that you will have the answers. The “develop” vs. “tell” method will quickly build powerful, incremental behavioral changes within your team.
  • Establish a developmental sales procedure and framework to effectively open coaching dialogue. Consistently probe for perceptions, findings and needs. Uncover underlying obstacles and annihilate them with the ideas from your team. Create solutions and close more deals.
  • Managing consistent and repeatable sales processes, modelling top performing sellers of our current times. Thereby winning those deals, increasing morale and selling efficiency, thereby improving motivation for further development opportunity forecasting
  • Maintain a Plan of Action
  • This course content is ideal for new or experienced salespeople wanting to push themselves further.
  • Customized options also available for Sales Managers, HR and Company Executives who wish to develop their sales teams.
  • This course can be delivered both online and offline through remote online learning.
  • The course consists of customizable tailor made customizable workshops as well as regular ongoing coaching to solidify learning.
  • We also offer “Train-the-Trainer Workshops for company training staff and HR.

Each course consists of:

  • Presentation
  • Workbook Training
  • Engaging Activities
  • Support Material
  • Action Planning
  • Continual Development Plans

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