NLP practitioner courses shanghai
neuro linguistic practitioner nlp training shanghai china
neuro linguistic practitioner nlp training shanghai china

NLP – Certified Practitioner Course

Achieve fully qualified NLP Practitioner Status – Accredited Certification Training
Certification Programs: Online Distance Learning or Live At Our Carious Training Locations

If you are looking to start your own business helping and coaching people either one-on-one or in groups, NLP is the ideal choice for you to achieve success. The skills of NLP have helped individuals and businesses across the world to develop and grow by grasping the powers of the subconscious mind and our human behavioral traits.

Upon completion of our seven-day NLP Practitioner Certification Training you will be fully qualified to guide and work with others professionally.

  • Practical NLP principles and techniques to use in your daily life and relationships or business clients and teams.
  • How to develop awareness and navigate people’s limiting beliefs to guide and nurture them to live more empowered and harmonious lives.
  • Activate and engage your primary senses, develop intuition and enhance awareness levels and effectiveness.
  • Eliminate unwanted habits and emotions, instill innovative and efficient thinking and behaviours.
  • Understand subconscious motivations and reasoning behind actions and behaviors.
  • Change your state in an instant, so you can be at your best on demand
  • Use precision language to cut through the fluff that leads to uncertainty, misunderstanding and flawed thinking
  • Shift perspectives and points of view so you can become a more charismatic and persuasive communicator and insightful thinker
  • Transform the past, the present and the future, so you can let go of past guilt, future anxieties and take charge of getting the life you want
  • Essential training if your job involves advising and helping people. Even if your goal is not becoming an NLP Practitioner.
  • Discover yourself how our minds process everyday experiences and filters them into memories, fears, anxieties, passion and actions.
  • Gain influence in your communication and interactions.
  • Utilize powerful language patterns and models from leading psychologists.
  • Our certification course can be carried out offline or online and has immediately implementable tools for you to use and start practicing NLP with others upon completion.
  • Transform your internal representations so that your most important goals become compelling, attractive and attainable, while the anxieties, stress and issues from the past or future can take their place and not get in your way
  • Feel more present, more engaged and more connected with yourself and those around you
  • Harness metaphors in language, thought and behavior for yourself and others
neuro linguistic practitioner nlp training
  • Module 1: New Code NLP – Origins and development
  • Module 2: Building rapport through state
  • Module 3: Perceptual Positions
  • Module 4: Logical Levels
  • Module 5: Working with Intention
  • Module 6: New Code Change Format
  • Module 7: New Code Games
  • Module 8: Accessing high Performance States
  • Module 9: Sanctuary Pattern
  • Module 10: Harnessing Subconscious Signals
  • Module 11: N-Step Reframing Pattern and/or The Healer Within
  • Module 12: Framing
  • Module 13: Precision Language
  • Module 14: Communicating with and through metaphors
  • Module 15: S-Pattern and Star Pattern
  • Module 16: Emergent Discovery Pattern
  • Module 17: Chain of Excellence

The most powerful life skill a person can utilize on a day to day basis is the ability to control their emotional response to people and events happening around them. This level of personal control is an essential building block for human existence and growth.

The ability to realize and manage thinking followed by subsequent reactions will in turn affect the ways people act and directly influence those around them. Solid awareness and understanding leads us onto the concrete path towards achieving our goals.

Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP), explores how we process information that happens in our daily and working lives. Without realizing, each of us on a daily basis continually programs ourselves through our thoughts, reactions and belief systems. These affect our mood, emotions and how we react to the world around us.

NLP takes an in-depth look at human interaction, using models of some of the greatest and most influential thinkers to understand their thought process research to enhance our abilities in processing daily data in the most beneficial ways possible.

The theories and toolbox of techniques that NLP has to offer will help you to uncover what makes the most successful people excel in their lives and gives you immediate practical means to do the same.

Practice and understanding of NLP will give you more a greater “awareness” and “choice” in every decision you make. It will increase your ability to set and achieve your goals and objectives.

Many people study personal development, psychology and influence for years to improve themselves and their effectiveness with others. Others will choose to transform those decades into days. With us, this has been condensed into a seamless compact course.

Learning NLP isn’t for everybody. But if you’re the sort of person that wants to get more of what you want and less of what you don’t want, we have something that could help get you to where you want to be.

Having completed this training, you will be eligible to be Certified as a Practitioner of Neuro-Linguistic Programming. There is an additional Certification process beyond the training itself, designed to help you integrate and generalize what you have learned. Not everybody who trains with us wants to be Certified, though we don’t charge anything extra and believe it’s a great way for you to make the most of our time together!


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