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Kunming Corporate Training-Sales & Business English Classes

Sales is a critical part of every business. Being able to sell in English as a non-native speaker is not easy.

We have recently provides Business English classes for an international company in Kunming.

Our client wanted a native English speaking teacher who could deliver business English classes with a focus on sales and customer service.

With the rapid development of technology and the transparency of network information, customers have knowledge of products and prices at their fingertips. Most companies face sales challenges to transform their traditional sales model from Seller-Centric to Buyer-Centric. Sales people have to become the consultant / adviser for their customers as opposed to being seen as a sales person.
This recent corporate sales and business English training course and follow up classes in Kunming focused on innovative selling techniques to drastically improve sales figures and KPIs. Our sales training in Kunming gave attendees step by step systematic processes to enhance their complete process including: discovering clients’ true needs, providing solutions, overcoming objections, exceeding expectations and gaining referrals.

Kunming Corporate Training Needs Analysis (TNA)

Our Training Needs Analysis for our Kunming client revealed that sales team members had gaps in their spoken English ability, as well as their ability to present using English. They also wanted us to assist them in switching from the traditional sales methods and establishing themselves as consultant experts. Their product knowledge was abundant however their ability to motivate and influence their clients to take action was considered a challenge.
Sales staff brought up issues with product pricing, client objections, lack of excitement for clients to take immediate action and many other reasons for not achieving their ultimate sale. Many also commented that it was difficult for them to get their clients to commit to second meetings or referral introductions.

Kunming Corporate Training Plan

In accordance with the TNA, Ultimahub combined sales insight training, consulting sales training and communication skills training for our Kunming corporate training clients. Due to the extensive size of the sales teams we were required to divided the sales members into groups of 20 people, this enabled space for role plays and practice. The training duration for each group was 3 days.

The first two days training focused on insightful sales and consultative sales training. Insightful sales is a way for salespeople to organize their daily observation of customers in a more systematic and logical manner.

We found out that our Kunming client’s sales team often had a great understanding of their customer’s sales situation and daily work behavior, however they did not always integrate these understandings into their sales strategy to drive business expansion.
Our first step therefore was to share how to better tap into the real needs of customers and use these observations effectively.

Our consultative sales training courses have become renowned for drawing in clients requiring trustworthy experts to advise and recommend rather than sell. A sales person viewed as a consultant rather than a salesperson finds limitless inbound business flocking their way. It is also the easiest way to gain customer referrals as your customers will be providing benefit to whom they refer. Consultative sales training is leads sales staff to understand the real needs of customers from listening and analysis stage to become customers’ trusted advisers, provide customers with more suitable solutions and build long-term relationships.

An integral skill for any sales person is communication, so on the third day the main focus was on communication skills training including cross cultural.

Kunming Corporate Training Results

A few months after the training, we contacted the company’s HR manager to track the training results. The HR manager commented that the salespeople had thoroughly enjoyed the course and found it extremely beneficial. Management teams had been noticing on a large scale the sales learning and communication skills being implemented in their daily sales operations. There had also already been an increase in leads and prospects transition to potentials and new business.

Sales knowledge and skills are tools which can be continually developed. This is why we at Ultimahub take pride in constructing continual development training programs to boost company sales skills on an ongoing basis.
If your company would like to know more about our Sales Training or any other of our Corporate Training courses in Kunming please contact us today to speak to one of our experts.

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