hospitality english training courses in china
hospitality english training courses in china
hospitality english training courses in china

Hospitality English Courses

Improving Linguistic Hospitality Skills, Mannerisms, Greetings & Rapport

Hospitality English is the ideal solution for those hotel or restaurant employees responsible for ensuring comfort and professionalism when interacting with customers.Using the highest levels of English our course will train your staff to continually maintain good customer relations. This flexible and customizable course contains varying and specified modules which can be adapted depending to your company needs.

The goal of the course is to ensure customer care excellence, telephone processes and etiquette, the essential elements of customer care when dealing with: written correspondence, complaint handling policies, eloquence, politeness, problem resolution, building rapport and more.

This course is ideal for those in the hospitality and service industries who are at any stage in their English learning growth. The material covered is an essential aid for anyone working in a customer facing role such as in a financial institution, hotel, outbound and inbound call centres, tourism trade offices and more.

Topics covered:hospitality english training shanghai china

  • Listening
  • Questioning
  • Speaking and Pronunciation
  • Body Language
  • Writing, Vocabulary and Grammar
  • Mistakes, errors and misunderstandings can cost a company dearly through lost business
  • All involving continual roleplays to aid learning

FAQS – Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can this course be held at our offices?
    Yes all of our courses can be held at your workplace. We also have workshops and customized training options. If you wish to know more please contact us.
  • Will I need to bring anything on the day?
    No you do not need to bring anything apart from yourself and your eagerness to learn. We will provide the rest.

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