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Hangzhou Corporate Training-Technology Company Communication and Team Building Training

Throughout 2019 Ultimahub carried out numerous corporate training workshops in Hangzhou.
Hangzhou is one of China’s four largest I.T cities and the China Government has recently made public it’s intention to develop Hangzhou to become the Silicon Valley of China.
Alibaba, a leading Internet technology company has fueled the vigorous development of technology companies throughout the city. Most emerging Internet companies choose to adopt agile management systems for their staff which enhances flexibility in the ever changing marketplace. One of the cornerstones of agile management is having innovative and cohesive team members.

Hangzhou Corporate Training Needs Analysis (TNA)

The corporate training needs analysis of our Hangzhou client revealed that the company’s recent merger had led to collaboration issues within departments and teams. Our client required team building, management and leadership training to develop team motivation and work efficacy.

Our Training Needs Analysis also brought to light lapses in communication between customer managers and product managers synchronization which resulted in internal and external communication conflicts. When the project is on progress, the scope of changes becomes more difficult to manage which cause project time and costs become difficult to control.

Corporate human resources managers stated that they hope to improve the connecting force among team members. They requested that the training focused on communication skills and team building training.

Hangzhou Corporate Training Program

In our Hangzhou corporate training course planning, we recommended to HR managers that we carry out offsite team building training for the departments and teams to build strong bonds in an alternate setting to the usual office atmosphere. Ultimahub arrange training courses for teams in some of the most ideal settings and locations in China. We arrange training activities mainly centered around challenges that develop teams as well as leadership and management. Each course typically lasts for 2 days and achieves heightened results for team cohesion.On the first day of training, we focused on effective communication skills training:

The focus of effective communication skills training

  1. Listening and building empathy
  2. Decoding and encoding the message
  3. Effectiveness of body language in communication
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We use different scenarios and role-playing to improve the learning effect of employees.

Through the content of competition and cooperation, we create a plentiful of team building activities for employees.

Hangzhou corporate training results

Following completion of the Team Building Training weekend we received exemplary feedback from our Hangzhou client’s HR manager. In the weeks after the training she kindly emailed us commenting on the results of which the management were extremely satisfied. Following the training course there had been remarkable improvements in the attendees communication, team building and management skills. The training had also drastically improved their ability to work and interact efficiently with increased levels of motivation. Our client has also requested that we carry out regular team building training and communication skills training follow up workshops and continual development plans for them in 2020.

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