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Guangzhou Corporate Training-Cross-cultural Communication and Business English Email Training

Guangzhou is a key city for import & export trade in China and homes many foreign trade companies.
Communication barriers are a common issue encountered in foreign trade transactions. Communicating fluently with customers around the world and understanding varying cultures drives efficiency and strengthens client relationships.

Domestic foreign trade companies are realizing the benefits of providing employees with cross cultural communication skills training. Our sales and negotiation skills training courses significantly increase sales team selling processes leading to transaction increases.

The global economic situation is becoming evermore competitive, the challenges foreign trade enterprises are facing grow ever increasingly huge. Foreign trade selling skills enhance the growth of enterprises. Over recent years we have provided corporate training in Guangzhou to increase business English skills as well as soft skills training for their foreign trade staff.

Guangzhou corporate Training Needs Analysis (TNA)

Our client in Guangzhou deals with commodity trading in the Southeast Asian and European market. Our client’s HR manager mentioned that new starters often face the challenge of navigating cultural barriers and interacting with oversea customers, especially when dealing with customers’ inquiry emails.

Our Training Needs Analysis consultation with our Guangzhou client Human Resources Manager highlighted key training areas for us to focus on in the overall training workshop road map.

The business training required was to provide the following training for our Guangzhou client employees:

  1. Business Email Skills Training
  2. Cross Cultural Communication Skills Training
  3. Sales Skills Training

Guangzhou Corporate Training Plan

The corporate training lasted for two days.

The first day focused on cross-cultural communication training where we shared and analyzed varying cultural customs, accents, tone, tonality and business approach from countries around the world. We delved into how culture affects people’s behavior and thinking as well as their actions. Using this understanding we provided innovative learning and tools to drive efficiency.

The second and third day’s training course focused on overall business communication including sales systems, effective emailing and calls, meeting execution and presentation skills training.

Guangzhou corporate training results

Although this bout of training was a short period of time with an intense amount of learning the company’s HR manager provided splendid feedback commenting that the trainees who participated in the training felt that they had benefited significantly. The trainees felt that the activities had solidified the cross-cultural communication learning knowledge and they were unanimously more confident in their communicating ability especially with business writing and emailing.

If you would like more information on corporate training solutions in Guangzhou, please contact one of our Ultimahub training experts.

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