cross culture communication skills training in china
cross culture communication courses in china and asia
cross culture communication skills training in china

Cross Culture Skills Training

Continued economic growth and world trade to and from China has led to companies increasingly choosing to set up headquarters in China or in other parts of Asia to do business.

Developing deep trade relations within China and Asia has led to a significant increase in the need for Cross-Cultural Communication Training and awareness to facilitate business growth.

Ultimahub’s Cross Cultural Communication Skills Training continues to serve multinational corporations and teams both in China and across the world.

Our courses aim to help resolve cultural conflicts, build international relationships, overcome cultural barriers and improve inter-team communication and efficiency.

Multinational businesses with a solid understanding of cultures, communities and individual perceptions thrive with their ability to building rapport with an eclectic mix of cultures overseas.

cross culture communication skills training in china

Intercultural communication at the social level aids interpersonal rapport, this builds a commonly known term in China “Guanxi” which is essential in business.

The deeper knowledge we have when communicating cross culturally enables us to better understand individual responses and attitudes in different cultural environments. Similarly, the lack of cultural and social sensitivity can often lead to bottlenecks, delays, misunderstandings and unforeseen eventualities.

Our Cross-Cultural Communication Training Courses are specifically designed to help students understand the key cultural differences and how they can affect business.

We do our utmost to help all attendees to navigate cultural barriers, understand and respect the cultural differences of others and express themselves in understandable ways to other cultures that may not share the similar beliefs and ideas.

Ultimahub’s Cross Cultural Communication Skills Workshops will enable you and your company employees to communicate with confidence and effectively, thereby promoting positive outcomes with all cross-cultural teams and business transactions.

cross culture communication skills training in china

Cross-Cultural Communication Training Courses

  • Assisting companies to develop culturally aware environments which actively engage multinational personnel
  • Improve staff communication and negotiation skills by understanding the key cultural aspects
  • Resolving cross-cultural communication conflicts and personnel management obstacles
  • Understand potential cultural misunderstandings and increase cultural empathy
  • Improve social life communication skills as well as interpersonal cross-cultural communication awareness
  • Become ever increasingly mindful of the advantages of acting in a culturally aware manner

Benefits of Cross Culture Communication Training

  • Essential for enterprises entering or already a part of the growing global marketplace
  • Improves staff awareness, increases success rates and enhances competitiveness
  • Whether it be for: Sales, Marketing, Presentations, Negotiation or Rapport building purposes – Our seamless workshops and training courses enable all attendees to build upon structured approach in delivery, speeches, negotiation strategies and overall communication.

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