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An American Seminar You Won’t Want to Miss!

  • Introduction Quiz

Are You Able to Spell This Complicated Name in English?

Designing an English Website that Works

Discussing Tense Environmental Situations in English

Finding a Place to Call Home in the US

Get the Best Panelists for your American Seminar

Getting Your English Script Right

How to Get Special Pricing at an American Hotel

Invert Your English Sentences for Extra Emphasis!

Is Your American Workshop Going in the Wrong Direction?

Looking to the Future in the US

Offering Your English Condolences

Place Your Adjectives Right for a Bright Future in English

Receiving an English Invite to an Exclusive Dinner

The Deal That Needed to be Negotiated

The English Meeting that Started it All

This American Salesman Should be Reported!

Trying to Foresee the Unforeseeable in the US

Use the Right English Preposition Combinations for Effective Negotiations

Using Active and Stative English Verbs

Using Reported Speech in English

What Do You Get When You Cross Economics and Music in the US?

Would you Rather Buy Biofuels in the US?

You Have to Remember Your Plane Ticket in the US!

You Must Stick to the Agenda in American Meetings

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