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Skills Boosting Corporate Training Workshop in Beijing

Communication, Presentation & Sales Skills Training – Beijing, China

HR Testimonial: Thank you for the excellent training workshop carried out for our Beijing team. The skills modules for communication, presenting and sales worked well and it was also a great help in getting the new departments to work congruently in their teams. We look forward to working with you again in 2020.

Previous Courses & Workshops: Management & Leadership / Soft Skills

Challenge: To develop skill sets for newly constructed Corporate Sales Teams.

Solution: 7 days intensive Communication, Presentation & Sales Skills Training in Beijing, China.

Training Needs Analysis (TNA)

Our client required us to focus on improving the cross-cultural communication, presentation skills and sales influence for their newly recruited sales teams – 45 pax.

Initial consulting with company management revealed a number of training skills development priorities. These were: establishing new and effective tools for building rapport, developing empathy influence, dealing with difficult circumstances and overcoming objections.

The Training Needs Analysis also brought to light that proportion of the participants would feel more comfortable having elements of the training delivered in Mandarin where possible. Due to their target clients being English speakers it was imperative to carry out a significant proportion using English. We overcame the barrier and accommodated all attendees by providing two trainers who worked side by side throughout the 7 days of training. There were also video recordings of the training for review at a later date as well as providing all handouts in both English and Chinese Languages.

Training Solution

We carried out the seven days of training in Beijing, China. Throughout the duration we utilized many NLP Language Patterns such as the Milton Model to increase communication, sales influence and rapport.

We also introduced essential tools such as: Re-framing, presuppositions, double binds, single binds and embedded commands. With this groundwork in place we delved into cultural elements such as common traits, misunderstandings and direct vs indirect approaches to influence.

Each day of training consisted of classroom learning, role plays, activities, challenges and feedback analysis.

All attendees were encouraged to share ideas, concerns, experiences and aha moments.

The presentation and sales training skills modules helped all participants to gain confidence, use effective tone and tonality to achieve results, try and develop new ideas and grow exponentially in a short space of time.

The feedback that we received following the Beijing Training Course workshops was among the best we have ever received. The managers and HR that we had been working alongside to organize the workshops contacted us to let us know that attendees had shown drastically improved results in many of the initially problematic areas. They also expressed their sincere gratitude as the training worked well to bring everyone together and solidify team building skills.

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