chengdu business training skills
chengdu business training skills
Chengdu Corporate Training -EQ Team Building & Leadership Workshop

In 2018 we began working in Chengdu providing corporate training services. Since then we have been working with a growing number of companies and Chengdu industries providing a range of soft skills training courses. Our group courses which contain both online and offline training workshops and learning activities focus on the continuous improvement of employees’ skills and abilities to drive motivation and company cohesiveness.

Our Training Needs Analysis revealed that our Chengdu corporate training client was in the process of a company wide business expansion. The growth of employees led middle-level leaders to face management difficulties. Internal conflicts were gradually becoming more frequent and our client’s HR Manager had the task of resolving these internal conflicts, avoiding management crises and building team cohesion.

Chengdu Corporate Training Needs Analysis (TNA)

The analysis of Chengdu corporate training needs found that the middle-level managers of the company had never received structured leadership and management training either before or after being promoted to management level. Middle-level managers felt that they lacked the knowledge and practical tools to lead their team. In addition, the members of the teams were mainly young generation and more direct in their communication. We were informed by HR that some middle-level managers caused negative emotions within their teams due to their choice of communication and management style.

Middle-level managers also revealed that they felt it a challenge to effectively distinguish between the ideal communication styles to motivate and guide their team members. All of these issues led them to feel huge managerial pressure.

Chengdu Corporate Training Plan

Following complete understanding of the corporate training needs of our Chengdu client, Ultimahub arranged a three-day training course. The training content focused on emotional intelligence skills and leadership training. The training course began with Emotional Intelligence EQ Training.

We taught middle-level managers how to be better aware of their emotions and use their understanding to better manage and motivate their team members. When managers have better self awareness and understanding of their communication impact they often find improved ways to choose the appropriate leadership style and strategy to develop a great team culture.
On the third day of the training, we shared the relevant knowledge and tools of management and leadership training. An integral part of this training was resolving conflicts and creating influence. The TNA had also revealed that the deteriorating office atmosphere had led to minor conflicts. Due to this we included Team Building Training and Management Conflicts and Influence Training for the middle-level managers to practice conflict resolution techniques under varying scenarios.

Chengdu corporate training results

Chengdu Corporate Training Feedback: This was the first time our valued client had opted for external corporate training. Management feedback was that all participants found the training informative and useful. The effectiveness of the training was also confirmed as being successful due to the increased level of cohesiveness between management and their teams. The training helped them to work better together as combined forces, and with higher levels of motivation.

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