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Cross Culture Communication

Developing deep trade relations within China and Asia has led to a significant increase in the need for Cross-Cultural Communication Training and awareness to facilitate business growth.

Ultimahub’s Cross Cultural Communication Skills Training continues to serve multinational corporations and teams both in China and across the world.

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Communication Skills

Communication Skills-Managers & Teams Gain the critical skill sets to enable professional communication and improve influence within your organization. Ultimahub’s communication skills training programs are designed for professionals working in complex and international environments and cover all aspects of communications training fundamentals. Our workshops and […]

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Management & Leadership

Management & Leadership Skills Training Ultimahub help your Management Teams be evermore effective by providing training, workshops and continual learning programs. Ultimahub pride ourselves in precision. Through our global training experience with teams of all sizes and from a multitude of industries, we have established […]

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Presentation Skills Training

Presentation Skills Training Welcome to our innovative Presentation Skills Training Workshops, designed to enhance the effectiveness of attendees by empowering them to become skilled, articulate, and enthusiastic presenters. Our eclectic mix of trainers and tailored courses ensures that participants receive the highest quality training, whether […]

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Creative Problem Solving

Creative Problem Solving & Solution Planning Skills Training This Creative Problem Solving training course derives from the true guiding principle that there is an ultimate solution for every problem. Participants in this training workshop will gain comprehensive and practical understanding of the systematic approaches that […]

team building training

Team Building Training

Team investment is paramount. Enhancing your team’s cohesion enables them to become happier, motivated, effective and ever increasingly loyal.

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NLP Practitioner Cert.

NLP – Certified Practitioner Course Achieve fully qualified NLP Practitioner Status – Accredited Certification Training Certification Programs: Online Distance Learning or Live At Our Carious Training Locations If you are looking to start your own business helping and coaching people either one-on-one or in groups, […]

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Sales NLP Training

Sales Training with NLP Improve Sales Processes using Neuro Linguistic Programming NLP Enhancing Sales Tools and Techniques Effective psychology to gain increased sales Innovative strategies to generate ongoing business Overcoming objections and client buying resistance Timely stage progression and deal closing Neuro Linguistic Programming integrated […]

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SEO Analytics Training

SEO Analytics Training Whether you are brand new to Google Analytics or looking to develop your existing knowledge, our course is designed to provide you with a broad outline to all of the reports, functionalities and insights that Google Analytics offers. We will show you ways of […]