shanghai china business english classes
business english shanghai china
shanghai business english classes

Business English Teaching Classes

Offline & Online Teaching – Shanghai, China

At Ultimahub we provide both offline and online English classes to suit your requirements. Our English Teaching Classes and Training workshops in Shanghai and throughout China are designed to teach your employees more than just English. We also focus on tone, tonality, word emphasis and cultural differences to give your employees a complete picture of how and why certain English phrases and metaphors are used when building rapport.

Our Business English courses can also be customized to teach specific skills in a range of essential business services. With all our courses we provide an initial free consultation to gather your specific requirements, we also provide a short demonstration class. Following on from this we can then place your staff into ideal learning groups, plan the class focus and move on to delivering our world class English teaching.

  • Customised courses suitable for all company employees
  • We teach all levels of English
  • Classes carried out at your company location
  • Specifically targeted to achieve maximum job role benefit


  • Learn to use polite English in a variety of business environments
  • Practice speaking and improve pronunciation
  • Improve reading & writing skills
  • Improve English grammar
  • Improve conversation skills
  • Increase vocabulary for all situations
  • Increase confidence in speaking English in the workplace

Customised English Classes

All in house English training will be customised specifically for your company needs. The language skills and grammar are intended to ensure that your employees apply their learning in a professional and natural way. This will build their confidence and productivity.

Dynamic Classes

We combine keys skills with practical situations throughout the course giving you a wonderful balance of classes. As part of our Business English Courses we include roleplays and question and answer sessions as well as presentations and individual monitoring for each student. Our years of experience has given us massive experience in designing courses to suit fast paced modern language learning.

Personal Support

Our training is not only to teach but to provide support, encouragement, advice and feedback on progress throughout to both the attendees and also the levels of management that you wish us to report to.
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Our courses provide focus on finance, customer service, selling, hospitality and overall workplace skills to ensure that your company staff are delivering a world class customer service and sales experience to your clients.

Each course carried out by our experienced and qualified teaching staff utilizes a wide range of useful workplace vocabulary, oral practice and practical application training time. Our courses will also be customized to ensure they are focused on your actual business english requirements and we will be happy to arrange training times convenient to you at your workplace environment.

Ultimahub’s trainers have a wealth of teaching experience and from the UK, USA and Ireland. Our trainers will build on your staff members confidence in using English to communicate and negotiate with your customers to ensure your company grows in the most timely and efficient manner possible with a great ground base for growth.

Full reporting and testing of all students is also included in the packages to ensure we achieve your sought after results. Within the teaching material itself we have combined material and skills that we have gained in sales, customer service and also the very latest NLP techniques to enhance learning.

Frequently Asked Questions:

  • What level of English do I need to attend this course?
    We cover all levels. When you contact us we will provide you with details and assessment ideas to pinpoint English levels within your team.
  • Can these English classes be held at our offices in Shanghai?
    Yes all of our courses can be held at your workplace or chosen location. If you wish to know more please contact us.
  • Will I need to bring anything on the day?
    Bring yourself and an eagerness to learn. We will provide the rest.
  • Where are your training locations?
    Currently we have training locations in many locations. Contact us to find the closest to you.
  • We cover all locations including: English classes in Shanghai, Beijing, Suzhou, Hangzhou, Shenzhen