business email writing courses in shanghai china
corporate email writing training courses in shanghai china
business email writing training courses in shanghai china

Business English Email & Report Writing Skills

Our business email and English report writing courses provide essential tools and techniques that every employee should be aware of to ensure maximum efficiency and performance when communicating with clients, partners and teams.

All of our “Business English” email writing skills courses are designed by expert native speaking trainers. The courses can be specifically customized to your industry and cover all of the most common emailing mistakes. Attendees will receive a myriad of concise, polite and immediately implementable words and phrases to ensure maximum productivity.

Each email training module focuses on illustrating the intricate and systematic approaches to achieve effective high response rates and minimize misunderstanding.

Ultimahub head office is located in Shanghai, China. We have had the pleasure of working for some of the largest multinational blue-chip companies across the globe. This has given us a wealth of experience in guiding companies to overcome a wide variety of cross-culture emailing barriers. We consider ourselves at the forefront of this training industry and our emailing workshops look into all aspects of cultural written frameworks, enabling companies to overcome all obstacles in the flow of email communication.

In addition to common cultural, grammatical and slang issues we also incorporate the correct use of metaphors, idioms, anchors and clearly lay out calls to action essentials to instigate quick responses.

With each tool we explain the optimum time and circumstance in which to implement the varying systems.

Business Emailing Facts:

  • Email communication is the central receiver and instigator for business flow
  • Effective emailing consistency is crucial and can drive timely and efficient results
  • Checking and responding to email is one of the first things every employee does at the beginning of and throughout their working day. Often it is overused/misused
  • Emailing can eat into and disrupt a workday without a strategic system in place
  • Email mediums and uses have no bounds. They include: meetings, project updates, sales calls and incentives, trouble shoots and resolves, crisis management
  • Over 85% of customer service and initial potential customer contact is carried out using email
  • Over 92% of worldwide contracts are confirmed and finalized by email
  • Emailing mistakes, errors and misunderstandings cost companies business billions each year
  • Utilising Email effectively can save precious time and effort thereby freeing up more time during the day
  • Emailing carries with it a data timeline which can be extremely beneficial as well as sometimes detrimental if not used correctly
  • Nowadays, it is assumed that everyone can use email effectively and like a professional. Unfortunately, in practicality this is often not the case
Many Employees Have Difficulty Remaining Polite, Concise, Formal, Professional & Actionable At The Same Time

Each course comprises of guidelines to adapt writing tone and structure when presented with varying circumstances.

Attendees learn how to make writing easier to understand and be more persuasive. They will acquire key structures for different situations, and the principles for building their own effective structures. They will also realise greater confidence in their business writing ability through our interactive workshop activities and analysis.

Our goal is to guide and enable your employees to adapt and build upon their current written communication to dramatically improve their overall email performance.

For more details on our fully customizable courses please contact us.


  • Weak Vs Strong Language
  • Direct Vs Indirect Language
  • Formal Vs Informal Language
  • Rational & Emotional Readers
  • Positive Vs Negative
  • When to use different tones
  • Robert Cialdini’s 6 Influences
  • Effort/Benefit Matrix Utilization
business email writing courses in shanghai china


  • Over Acceptance
  • Lack of Empathy
  • Incorrect Grammar
  • Misunderstandings
  • Misrepresentations
  • Delivering Bad News
  • Persuasive Techniques
  • Setting Achievable Goals
  • Cross Cultural Breakdowns
  • Unappreciated use of Slang
  • Unrealistic Goals Adherence
  • Reader & Audience Analysis
  • Ineffective Emailing Structure
  • Failure to provide Clarification
  • Incorrect use of Email as a Tool
  • Inability to Clarify Calls to Action
  • Unstructured Emailing Frequency
  • Inability to Achieve Written Rapport

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