corporate training in china
corporate training in china

Online & Offline Corporate Training Solutions

Ultimahub help your corporate teams be evermore effective by providing training, workshops and continual learning programs.

Ultimahub pride ourselves in precision. Through our global training experience with teams of all sizes and from a multitude of industries, we have established a set formula for success.

Initially we consult with you to establish your complete requirements. We can create and provide assessments for the proposed course attendees also if you would like us to.

Utilizing our extensive selection of courses and training modules we will create the ideal customised course in line with your ideas, vision and expectations.

Every company, department and team is different, therefore our focus is on delivering the correct program of training activities ideally suited to your workforce.

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Our effective Sales Training as well as our renowned Team Building and Management & Leadership Courses will help you boost your sales pipelines and improve results throughout your departments and teams.

As an example procedure, in summary:

  • For sales, we can identify and evaluate the current abilities and structure of your teams
  • We create customized solutions from a portfolio toolbox of training models and techniques
  • We propagate and propel learning behavior change through facilitation, training and workshops

Flexible Approach

In our opinion, the reason that our training programs are so successful is due to the versatile approach with each part, Defining, Developing, Driving, are implemented separately or together dependent on the required context and situation to generate absolute results. Given the vast array of material and tools, we create building blocks of learning which become strengthened with each new added layer. Some of our most popular layers of learning are centered around:

  • On-boarding
  • Team Building
  • Lead Generation
  • Presentation Skills
  • Consultative Selling
  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Latent opportunity development
  • Leadership / Team Management
  • Communication & Dialogue Skills
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We have so much insight and knowledge to share, to build your teams into a strong business machine, fully focused on efficiently achieving the results you expect. For more information, please contact us today.

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