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Continual Development (CPD)

Training is most effective when it is absorbed and implemented straight away in the workplace through careful action planning.

At Ultimahub in many of our courses we provide applicable tools and systematic solutions which can be immediately integrated. The training provides the tools however to ensure they are integrated into daily activities takes development planning and future sessions to fine tune procedures.

Companies that create, build upon and maintain a culture of continuous development and learning reach heightened performance and longevity. Learning never stops, growth happens every day if it is sought.

We encourage our customers to arrange a plan of action at strategic intervals where we return to carry out workshops to ensure the tools and techniques we have trained are being implemented and used correctly. This has been shown to aid businesses in a multitude of areas as we help to enhance daily progress.


We love to work with your in-house managers and trainers

We work well with all of our customers as a go to point for all of their outsourced training needs. Our continuous learning solutions can be adapted as your team structures alter and expand. When restructuring and additional products and services occur within your business we are able to review our processes to ensure that we are always developing the ideal behaviours and enhancing the effectiveness of your overall process thereby driving a long-term model of continuous development and improvement.

Our continuous development model is based on over 50 years of combined Sales, Management and Teambuilding experience and know how. Working with some of the worlds greatest and most successful global businesses we too have grown in experience and continue to do so.

We strongly believe that great learning only occurs when the student has the right mindset, culture, and true understanding of the requirement for each chunk of information. Therefore we pay extremely close attention to each detail when we train and facilitate –– before, during, and after –– we continually seek and identify opportunities to motivate, reinforce, develop, and apply skills to help your learners take their skills to the next level, thereby helping your company to achieve the greatest returns on investment.

We have a “Three Pillar Continual Development Model“. This includes:

Partner Mindset
  • We understand that you are busy and will probably just want to see the real results. You may not have the luxury of time to focus on the daily progress in detail for each of your team members which is where we can work with you to engage with your team to drive a long-term plan into full effect.
  • We consider it our duty to advise and question all processes to ensure the ideal procedures are in place, our suggestions for improvement will always be following research and with specific aim to push the process forward in the long term.
  • We pride ourselves on always remain flexible and contactable to help us to grow and change as your company continually moves onwards and upwards.
Best Practices & Procedures

  • Our experience and reach across multiple industries has given us a unique perspective in not only recognising, gathering and providing the best practices, but also recognizing the biggest challenges that companies face. We have years of experience rectifying these to achieve long-term sustained improvement. Our education and content creating experts either are or have previously been world-class facilitators, they are therefore able to bring a unique perspective to the training and workshops that we provide as well as the group activities which we instruct the attendees to engage in and practice.

  • To achieve optimum ongoing performance, company teams should always be in regular communication sync.

  • Ultimahub brings a unique outlook in how to best facilitate training solutions to drive motivation for ongoing development.
Actionable Front line Monitoring and Feedback

  • Knowing and acknowledging what is working and what is not will drive your teams ongoing development. As we work together with your teams we will gain a better understanding of your teams progress patterns. Our facilitators, all have extensive experience in spotting the warning signals which we can then investigate and funnel our findings back to your team managers. We give you the microscope to see the detailed structure of what is occurring and provide you with the real picture given the data that you provide us for analysis.

  • To supplement our facilitation, we also provide testing solutions both face to face and online. These can add benefit by displaying real quantitative data and analytics. Our Emotional Intelligence assessment tool is highly recommended for all managers and teams, especially sales and customer service staff. We have specialists to analyse and report on this data building a story of your staff’s strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats with regard to their overall emotional intelligence. It is a huge eye opener.

  • Effective training will both gauge the impact of our training as well as providing your management team with quality data offering a real-time view of the state of their companys most powerful asset, their staff. This in turn will help and guide them in making the most informed decisions to drive growth within their teams both in the short and long-term.

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