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Business English Classes & Corporate Training Courses

Our team of seasoned teachers and trainers offer a diverse range of cutting-edge Business English Classes and Corporate Soft Skills Training Workshops in China.


Our tailor-made corporate training programs are designed to enhance the productivity of managers and teams, as well as elevate the performance of sales and customer service staff across multiple industries to achieve excellence.

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China Corporate Training Experts

Ultimahub provides an eclectic selection of innovative, interactive, and engaging corporate skills training courses for clients across the globe. In Asia, we have offices in Shanghai, Beijing, Shenzhen, and Hong Kong. We have corporate training solutions for all industries.

Customized Training Solutions

Our course material is modular, which makes it extremely flexible. Following consultation, we are able to quickly and effectively construct the ideal package course in accordance with your complete requirements.

Smart Planning & Execution Initiating Change

We take a broad, holistic approach to training. We plan and deliver as well as provide action tools for attendees to use and develop during their daily work. This will aid and implement lasting results within your staff.

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Best Solution for Skill Development

Our renowned Business English Courses with infused Soft Skills Training in a multitude of areas, such as Sales Training, Team Building, and Management & Leadership, will guide your business to achieving exponential results across your departments and teams.